It has never been so easy to get cellulite under control.
Visible results in just two weeks.

The 6D laser works safely to release fat molecules from fat cells, causing them to collapse and shrink to a smaller size effectively. The fat molecules enter the lymphatic system, are broken down into free fatty acids, and then converted into energy in the cardiovascular system. In addition, the 6D laser system penetrates the skin painlessly, treating hypertrophic adipocytes while increasing the skin’s collagen and stabilising fibrotic collagen septa. As a result, the volume and appearance of cellulite are significantly reduced.
A 360-degree articulated arm can cover large areas and can treat the entire body at the same time. The 6D laser uses a low-power green diode laser that makes fast and efficient treatments possible. By using six diodes, it can treat two areas on both sides simultaneously.

1 SESSION | 10 SESSIONS: 400 €

The prices quoted are maximum prices. Prices may vary depending on location.
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The result
Fat cells are visibly reduced in size from the second week, resulting in a gradual redefinition of the figure.
• Cellulite reduction
• Skin tightening
Treatment interval
8 to 10 sessions once per week