Cryolipolysis is a modern procedure that permanently and painlessly removes troublesome fatty deposits using cold treatments. Currently, the method is mainly being applied on the body to successfully remove stubborn fatty deposits on the legs, abdomen and buttocks.

Thanks to the innovative device that we use here at Royal Beauty, the principle can also be applied to the face in a to the face. The fat cells that the cold treatment has killed off are gradually broken down in the weeks and months following the treatment. Lipoids are slowly released from the fat cells and transported away from the lymphatic system for processing, in much the same way as the fat contained within your food.

This means that a double chin, for example, can be broken down in a gentle way and made to disappear completely, all without the need for surgery. But the procedure is also excellent for treating wrinkles, stimulating metabolism, and regenerating cells.
Facial contours can be perfectly sculpted.


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The result

Even after just one treatment, your skin is visibly rejuvenated and has better circulation. More delicately defined facial features are visible after four to six weeks and wrinkles have almost disappeared.

Dont's before treatment
To ensure the treatment is as successful as possible, anti-inflammatory drugs such as Voltaren or Ibuprofen should NOT be taken during and for approximately four weeks after treatment if possible.