Cryo Royal – our cryolipolysis is a modern method that permanently removes annoying fat deposits without surgery with cold and is largely pain free and safe.

Each treatment leads to a significant fat reduction of up to 30 percent in the treated area. Between one and three treatments per zone are required depending on the personal goals. Significant results are usually already visible four to six weeks after the first treatment.

The necrotic fat cells use messenger substances to activate inflammatory cells, which then break down the affected fat cells gradually in the weeks and months ahead. Lipoids are slowly released from the fat cells and removed by the lymphatic system for processing, as is the case with the fat contained in food.

Since the lipoids go through a gradual decomposition process, no dangerous changes are detected in the blood lipoids or in the liver function. In order to achieve the best possible treatment outcome, anti-inflammatory drugs such as voltaren or ibuprofen should not be taken for about four weeks after the treatment.

At the beginning of the treatment, the vacuum is perceived to be a little uncomfortable in some cases, but after a few minutes one hardly notices the vacuum or the cold any longer. A few days after the cryolipolysis treatment, the treated zones may feel like you have some muscle soreness when the areas are touched.

1 zone 45-60 minutes

The prices quoted are maximum prices. Prices may vary depending on location.
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Which body parts are most likely to lend themselves to this?
Anywhere on the body, except on the face and neck.
For whom is the treatment useful?

Unfortunately, cryolipolysis is not suitable for a massive reduction in weight. It is most effective for a general tightening of the skin or for combatting local problem areas, which cannot be addressed with sports and diet.