Hydra Peeling

With this method, extremely gentle hydropower is used to remove dead skin cells to obtain a deep cleaning. This corresponds to a non-surgical peeling without further additives.

Visible and palpable effect: You will be astonished.

As this treatment neither irritates nor stresses the skin, a Hydra Treatment application is not only suitable for sensitive and highly sensitive skin, but also advisable especially for blemished skin.

During the cleansing process, the full depth of the skin is supplied with moisture and hydrated simultaneously. The skin is then optimally prepared for the introduction of specific active ampoules, tailored entirely to your skin’s individual needs.


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The result

The skin is already visibly fresher, cleaner and even smoother after the first treatment. In addition, due to the nourishing ingredients introduced deep into the lower skin layers, the skin looks firmer and plumper and the wrinkles are significantly minimised.

The skin may be slightly reddened after the treatment, but this will disappear quickly, and the skin will feel velvety smooth and well moisturised after only one treatment.

We recommend a treatment every 1 to 2 months to maintain or improve the results.

Face 45 minutes
  Face and neck 60 minutes
Result Rejuvenates skin  
Zones Face and neck  
1 to 2 months