Mechanical lymphatic drainage

Mechanical lymphatic drainage is a widely used massaging technique that corrects any congestion in the lymphatic system. Lymph drainage stimulates the removal of “waste substances” in the body by means of targeted massaging on the legs, arms and upper body.

For combating swelling and faster removal of destroyed fat cells.

The massages are precisely performed by the pressure chambers and controlled via pre-programmed programmes. The purpose of lymphatic fluid is to transport nutrients and waste products from cell to cell. Furthermore, the lymphatic fluid transports bacteria to the lymph nodes, which is where the bacteria are removed.

The circulatory system may be one of the body’s most important transport systems, but the lymphatic system is just as important a transport system, as it circulates up to 8 litres of lymphatic fluid.

A machine-guided lymphatic drainage procedure can be used to correct any swelling by massaging both the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue. The air pressure chambers are used to carry out rhythmic massage movements and target pressure points. This stimulates the lymphatic vessels and thus supports the removal process. Depending on the severity of the swelling or injury, lymphatic drainage treatments may need to be performed on a regular basis in order to resolve the swelling in the long-term.


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What should you bear in mind?

Swollen legs predominantly occur in old age, with women being particularly susceptible – this is usually caused by primary lymphoedema. The lymphatic vessels may be too narrow or too wide. But a far more common condition is secondary lymphoedema, which often arises after an operation or sporting injury. This results in the lymph fluid no longer being able to circulate freely, which in turn leads to swelling.

When is it used?

Mechanical lymphatic drainage is used in particular to treat swelling of the legs and arms. It is a proven and efficient way of accelerating the results of cryolipolysis treatment, for example.

The treatment promotes the excretion of dead fat cells that were destroyed during the cryolipolysis treatment. In addition, the treatment is also very popular after intense sporting activities as a way of reducing acid build-up in the body.


• After cryolipolysis treatments
• Commonly after aesthetic treatments to speed up the results
• Swelling of legs and arms
• Swelling after surgery
• For indentations and cellulite
• Venous disorders
• Swollen legs after pregnancy
• After exercise to stimulate the lymphatic fluid
• Blockages in the lymphatic system
• Migraines
• To support a diet

Duration 30 or 60 minutes
Result Excellent
Zones Legs and stomach
Interval Once a week